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Defined by our past. Driven by our future. St. George’s Golf and Country Club is known for its world-class golf course. But unrivaled golf is only the beginning. From first-class curling to grand social events and community endeavors – St. George’s is in a league of its own.

In 1929 noted Canadian golf course architect Stanley Thompson completed his ?nest work. The Royal York Golf Club would in time come to be recognized as St. George’s Golf and Country Club. His breathtaking routing along with the luxurious clubhouse gained immense, worldwide recognition. St. George’s immediately became a symbol of exquisite prestige and privilege. It was quite simply the place to play and be seen. Naturally, golf was a source of great pleasure for men and women alike during the warm summer month and in 1957 a superb curling facility was added and is enjoyed by hundreds every winter. Today, our past defines our every achievement.

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